Season 2


A podcast about work life and company culture, and how our guests do both ridiculously well. Brought to you by Authentic Jobs.


  1. Slack

    Myles Grant


    Myles Grant is a Senior Staff Engineer at Slack, one of the fastest growing communication tools on the web. In this episode, we discuss Slack's origin story, his interviewing process, and moonlighting work on Authentic Jobs dating back to 2007.

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  2. Pinterest

    Bob Baxley


    Bob Baxley, Head of Product Design at Pinterest, covers a lot of ground in just 28 minutes. Product design at Pinterest, sourcing talent in the Bay Area, portfolio reviews, unsolicited redesigns, work/life balance, and what it was like working with Steve Jobs as the former Director of Design for the Apple Online Store.

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  3. Electric Pulp

    Aaron Mentele

    Electric Pulp

    Electric Pulp is located in South Dakota, yet many of their clients are in Los Angeles. In this episode, Aaron Mentele, Partner and Developer, shares what it’s like to run a web studio in a “tech deficient” location, how they hire remote full-time employees, advice for people wanting to break into the industry, and more.

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  4. Tattly, Creative Mornings, Etc.

    Tina Roth Eisenberg

    Tattly, Creative Mornings, Etc.

    Known to the design world as Swissmiss, Tina Roth Eisenberg has her hands in many things. In this episode, Tina shares how she balances it all (unscientifically), why enthusiasm is her superpower, and why asking candidates to include jokes with their application is the best hiring decision she’s made.

    Be sure to check out some of Tina’s job openings:

    Customer & Administrative Support @ Tattly

    Content Curator @ Creative Mornings, a “mini Maria Popova” in Tina’s words

    Community Coordinator @ Creative Mornings

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  1. Center Centre

    Spool & Jensen-Inman

    Center Centre

    Jared Spool and Leslie Jensen-Inman are the founders of Center Centre, a new bricks-and-mortar school in Chattanooga (United States) with a revolutionary approach to educating user experience designers. They sat down with Cameron to discuss their approach, faculty, and new student admissions.

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  2. Day One

    Paul Mayne

    Day One

    On the tails of winning an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2014, Paul Mayne chats with Cameron about Day One, the popular journaling app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. They discuss how Day One got its start, managing a remote team, the challenges of a designer CEO, and the search for a Senior iOS Engineer.

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  3. Facebook

    Russ Maschmeyer


    Russ Maschmeyer shares his path from musician to Product Designer Manager at Facebook, what they look for when hiring, and the thrill of working at a company during an IPO.

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  4. Automattic

    Matt Mullenweg


    Cameron sits down with Matt Mullenweg, best known for developing WordPress. Matt discusses the history of WordPress, working remotely, distributed offices, and the importance of customer service. Automattic is hiring! Check out their listings on Authentic Jobs and more on their site.

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  5. FiftyThree

    Allen & Walker


    In this episode of Hired, Cameron sits down with FiftyThree co-founders Andrew Allen and Julian Walker. The three discuss the history of FiftyThree, how they hire, their award-winning Paper, and the just-released Pencil.

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  6. Teehan+Lax

    Geoff Teehan


    In this episode, Cameron sits down with Teehan+Lax cofounder, Geoff Teehan. Geoff gives his thoughts on hiring with your gut, developing the Medium project, and how Teehan+Lax came to be. With deep thoughts from the “office dog.”

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  7. Rdio

    Ryan Sims


    Cameron catches up with fellow designer, Ryan Sims, of Rdio. As Head of Design, Ryan discusses a wide range of topics including creative blocks, talent vs. personality in the hiring process, and transitioning from a full-time designer to manager.

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  8. Pentagram

    Michael Bierut


    Michael Bierut has been a partner at Pentagram, the world's largest independent design firm, for over 20 years. His work has won hundreds of awards as well as representation in the permanent collections of MoMA. Cameron chats with him about Pentagram's culture, finding and cultivating design talent, his journey to success, and beyond.


    • Campaign Monitor
    • An Event Apart
    • InVision
    • Squarespace

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  9. ESPN

    Dan Benshoff


    Dan Benshoff is ESPN’s Creative Director of Digital Media. When he’s not bumping into sports celebrities on campus, Dan oversees design for desktop web, mobile web and apps for the the world’s largest sports network. He took time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about hiring practices at ESPN, what it’s like to design for millions of viewers, and much more.

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    • Worry Free Labs

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  10. How-to Guide to Podcasting

    In the episode, we break from regular scheduling to give you a behind-the-scenes look at setting up your own successful podcast show. Hosts Sarah Parmenter and Josh Long of the Happy Monday Podcast, and Ben Orenstein of the Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots podcast, join Cameron Moll to chat about scheduling guests, recording gear, and in-car studios in desperate times (for reals).

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  11. Typekit / Adobe

    Jeff Veen

    Typekit / Adobe

    Jeff Veen, founder of Typekit and Adobe's VP of products, chats with us about Typekit, Creative Cloud, Adobe Max, acquisitions, presentation skills, building a team, and disdain for the term 'creatives'.

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    • InVision
    • Happy Cog

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  12. 37signals

    Jason Fried


    Best known for Basecamp, Rework, and his question everything attitude, Jason chats with Cameron about all of those topics including an upcoming book, Remote, and why more companies should consider remote working.

    Sponsored listings:

    • Happy Cog
    • Hudl

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  13. Etsy

    Mike Brittain


    Mike Brittain, Engineer Director, chats with Cameron about an assortment of topics: the handcrafted culture of Etsy's audience and how that influences their Brooklyn office, hiring practices at Etsy, transitioning from coder to manager, three openings for mobile development, and more.

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  14. Squarespace

    Anthony Casalena


    Cameron chats with Anthony Casalena, Founder and CEO of Squarespace, about transitioning from a builder of things to a manager of a business, the fears and failures that come along with it, and three job openings at their SoHo office.

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  15. Authentic Jobs

    Moll & Spooner

    Authentic Jobs

    In this episode, Cameron Moll and Adam Spooner turn the mic on themselves and take an introspective look at how we do things at Authentic Jobs proper. We cover company culture, software setup, soccer at the beach, and thumb wrestling.

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  16. charity: water

    Paull Young

    charity: water

    We love charity: water. We chat with Paull Young, Director of Digital, about all kinds of stuff. Several job openings, an incredible trip to Ethiopia with Will & Jada Smith, and their mission to change the world through clean water.

    (And here's the Tech Team video Paull mentions on the show.)

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  17. Happy Cog

    Greg Hoy

    Happy Cog

    Happy Cog CEO, Greg Hoy, discusses why attitude is a key ingredient in finding the right team members, how Happy Cog shares resources between 3 offices, why missing a button can be a bad (or good) thing, and their need for a front-end developer and an interactive designer.

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  18. Twitter

    Joshua Brewer


    Josh Brewer joins us to share how Twitter's team of 40+ designers interact, what they look for in new candidates, and an astounding 8 more openings for designers. Oh, and kale chips and unlimited bacon.

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  19. Kickstarter

    Charles Adler


    In this inaugural episode, we chat with Kickstarter co-founder Charles Adler about the runaway success of crowdfunding, the DNA of Kickstarter's team, a job opening for a Product Designer, and scant banter about why so many podcasts are popping up of late.

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