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  1. Facebook

    Margaret Gould Stewart: D...


    Margaret Gould Stewart is the VP of Product Design at Facebook, previously at YouTube and Google. She shares remarkable insights for designing at scale, managing change aversion, fostering workplace diversity at scale, and the uncanny link between theater and enterprise collaboration.

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  2. BuzzFeed

    Cap Watkins: Audacity to ...


    Cap Watkins is no stranger to change. He’s led changes at Amazon and Etsy, and he’s now an agent of change as the VP of Design at BuzzFeed. We discuss his audacity to incite changes to company process, beginning with teaching BuzzFeed designers to code and ending with hiring for curiosity and adaptation. See also Your Org is a Product.

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  3. Mike Industries

    Mike Davidson: San Franci...

    Mike Industries

    Mike Davidson, former VP of Design at Twitter, offers a candid look at work life in San Francisco. We explore some of the points made in his retrospective article including diversity, contributors vs. managers, and the decision-making of that crazy final play in the 2015 Super Bowl.

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  4. NPR

    Liz Danzico: Pros & cons ...


    Liz Danzico is Creative Director of NPR and manages the team almost fully remotely. We discuss the pros & cons of working and managing remotely, as well as her role as Chair of the MFA Interaction Design graduate program at SVA. Oh, and making fresh bread.

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  5. The California Sunday Magazine

    Wilson Miner: Design alon...

    The California Sunday Magazine

    Wilson Miner is the Director of Digital Design for The California Sunday Magazine. His career has spanned Facebook, Apple, and the now-defunct Rdio. We discuss highlights from Wilson’s career, his famous “When We Build” talk, why design alone couldn’t save Rdio’s illustrious streaming music service. (Photo by Monica Semergiu.)

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  6. The Bucket List Family

    Garrett Gee: “I sold to...

    The Bucket List Family

    Garrett Gee was still a student in college when he pitched his app on ABC’s Shark Tank. None of the sharks took the bait, and a year later he was acquired by Snapchat for $54 million. Garrett and his family have been traveling the world as The Bucket List Family.

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  7. Vox Media

    Mandy Brown on Diversity

    Vox Media

    Mandy Brown, Director of Platform at Vox Media, and host Cameron Moll discuss diversity in the hiring process and why it’s so hard to do well.

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